Occupiers want to flee from war in Ukraine so much they are ready to hammer shrapnel into their bodies (audio)

russian occupiers are so desperate to flee home from the war in Ukraine that they are ready to hammer fragments into their bodies.

For such a ‘wound’ they also expect to get monetary compensation from russia.

This is evidenced by new telephone calls of invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘Yes, damn it, I’m thinking of f**king my hand on some corner and leave… And say that it was hit with shrapnel. And go home, for f**k’s sake, with three millions... Or f**king hammer a fragment in my leg…’ one of the occupiers is consulting with his girlfriend.

She replies that it would be better to shoot himself in the leg. However, the putin’s soldier, apparently, has already thoroughly studied this issue and replies that this isn’t going to work: ‘It will be a self-inflicted wound, we can’t do this.’

Such ‘heroes’ came with war to our land - they only can abuse and torture civilian population. And when the occupiers face the Ukrainian military in battle, they want to flee to russia as soon as possible.