SSU interception: occupiers prepare new shelling and write ‘Christ is Risen!’ on shells

The occupiers plan to carry out more shelling of Ukrainian civilians and military on Easter.

This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of ruscists intercepted by the SSU.

‘Our guys prepare ‘Easter eggs’ for khokhols [Ukrainians]. Tankmen write ‘Christ is risen!’ on shells. We are having fun as best we can,’ the occupier tells his wife.

Although when it comes to discussing his unit, which is in Mykolaiv area, the invader’s tone changes. Of 19 in his platoon, only 7 remain. Others fled or were killed.

‘No one is added here. On the contrary - everyone is leaving! Who should we add? Everyone is fleeing! 600 people have already resigned from our brigade… Only the most resilient and drunkards remain here,’ the occupier sums up.

It is not clear why he is so worried… This is just the perfect contingent to defend the ‘ruZZkiy mir’. However, our military will do everything to ‘disband’ what’s left of this brigade as soon as possible.