Dear Ukrainians, dear colleagues and dear sworn brothers!

Today we celebrate one of the most important dates in the history of Ukraine’s statehood – the Constitution Day.

And with weapons in hands, we defend what is written in it and guaranteed by it. Our right to be Ukrainians. The freedom to live on our land. The right to choose the future for our children. And most importantly, our united and indivisible state, in every corner of which the Basic Law of Ukraine is in force – from Chernihiv to Sevastopol and from Donetsk to Uzhhorod.

This is the land of our ancestors. It was gathered together by Kyivan princes, defended by the Cossacks against the attacks of the Horde, and liberated from Soviet occupation by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Today we continue their cause! And we will not allow anyone to rewrite history.

The Security Service performs its mission with dignity: we destroy the enemy on the battlefield, detain traitors inside the country, hit military facilities in russia’s deep rear and its missile carriers at sea.

Every unit of the SSU makes a significant contribution to the future Victory. We are defending our land, and the enemy must know that whoever comes to us with war will receive a decent response!

I am sincerely grateful to each and every one of you who defends our Homeland and helps the Defence Forces! This civic duty is enshrined not only in the Constitution, but also in our DNA. Ukrainians are glorious warriors with blood of heroes in their veins and a thousand-year history of struggle engraved in their hearts.

And as long as the nation remains united, it has unbreakable strength and will to live, develop and win. And the greatest motivation is the desire for our children to live in a peaceful and prosperous country.


Yours faithfully,

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

Lieutenant General

Vasyl Maliuk