Russian officers start shooting their soldiers to force them to go on offensive in Ukraine (audio)

Russian officers began shooting their soldiers to make them go on offensive in Ukraine.

This is evidenced by texting of a commander of the invaders’ regiment, who is fighting near Izyum in Kharkiv region.

‘Mine also got very scared. All are tired out. I can’t get them up morally or physically. I even shoot some. And to no avail,’ the occupier complains.

In his voice messages, he describes in detail how sick and tired he is of the war and how dissatisfied he is with the ‘new reinforcement’.

‘Everyone here is completely demoralized. There are 10-15 people left in the companies at best. About 60 young servicemen have been added… half of them are cowards, dammit, and panickers,’ he says.

In the end, he admits that the officers are in the same mood. So, he dreams of returning home. And there…

‘Home: hug children and wife. And then – to whores! And to have many, many, lots of whores… I don’t want anything else,’ the Russian sums up.

With such ‘family’ values, it is not surprising that the occupiers are committing atrocities in Ukraine. And they will bear responsibility for everything!