Russian occupiers worry that they may be prosecuted at home after SSU’s revelations

In particular, this applies to the ‘main character’ of our publication of April 29, Ivan Klymenko, a supporter of nazism.

He learned that the SSU had intercepted his conversation with his mother and is very worried about it, asking his friends’ opinions:

‘Hello, Polina! Please, look what the SSU posted about me on YouTube.’

‘A recording of a call with your mother in which you say that you will kill everyone. That you are a d*ckhead and people like you should be tried at international court. This, to put it mildly. There are your photos, your data.’

Another friend didn’t support him too much either: ‘Why the hell did you write! Vanya, I told you a long time ago that service in the army is not a joke.’

Now the ruscist Ivan is googling articles of the russian criminal code to understand what punishment he faces for inciting hatred and propaganda of nazism.

Ivan, here’s a new quest for you: google how much you face for violating the laws and customs of war under international law.