Russian occupiers steal military equipment and weapons from their killed accomplices (audio)

The looting of russian invaders has reached a new level.

As Ukrainian defenders do not let them advance to new settlements, they decided to steal from themselves! They steal their own military equipment, weapons and ammunition from their killed and wounded comrades.

This is evidenced by telephone calls of invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘There is one stolen assault rifle. Stolen from one of our own… We have weapons registered on each of us. There are weapons that belonged to 200s [killed] and 300s [wounded]. They [weapons] remain with us,’ the occupier tells his father.

But to make sure they get them in the future, such weapons are carefully hidden. So, the father asks to ‘bury’ a couple of assault rifles and pistols.

And the most ‘popular’ among looters are night vision devices and thermal imagers - they are expensive and easy to smuggle on top of an armored personnel carrier.

But Russians count the ‘revenue’ from the weapons to be smuggled in vain.

Whoever comes to us with weapons will die from them!