Russian occupiers cynically shoot schoolchildren and elderly

Artillery shelling of children going to school with schoolbags is called a manifestation of ‘courage’.

The SSU intercepted this shocking conversation in the South of Ukraine. In the recording you can hear a commander of a russian reconnaissance battalion and an artillery observer.

To preserve the authenticity, we provide a transcript of this call:

-      All quiet here.

-      Ah, what a good job! Totally quiet? Grandmas? Children?

-      Children walk across the bridge… Not long ago, nine people and children passed by and went under the arch. That’s it.

-      Understood. What were they carrying?

-      Nothing. It seemed like children going to school with their schoolbags, or something.

-      OK. Did you ‘work’ at them?

-      Not yet.

-      Showing mercy, for now?

-      Yes, I let them pass, for now.

-      Ah, on their way back, right? I see. Come on, be vigilant, be brave. We are with you.

-      Yes, copy.

This recording, as well as thousands of others, will be part of the evidence base that Ukraine will use against the occupiers, while our military will do everything to punish the rucists on the battlefield.