Russian invaders, who experienced strength of Ukrainian military, urge their friends not to go to war in Ukraine (audio)

They are shocked by the scale of their losses in Donbas.

This is mentioned in a telephone call between a russian aggressor and his friend, who remained in russia and is thinking about going to the war in Ukraine.

‘Don’t even think about it. Don’t do it... I’m telling you: 1,000 of us came here from Kaliningrad. A thousand! You hear me? A thousand! 300 remain! In short, it’s a f**king disaster!’ the occupier tries to explain.

According to him, the only thing that somehow motivates the invaders to fight is a chance to loot.

‘I ‘found’ Airpods 2… The guys disassembled computers here… The computers are f**king great! I stole a bloody monitor! We are looters,’ the invader adds happily.

He must have forgotten that looting valuables in occupied territories is a crime punishable by life imprisonment.

If he survives, he will be held to account for his actions.