Russian military debunk fake story that they captured Rubizhne (audio)

The occupiers themselves refute the fake report that they have captured Ukrainian town Rubizhne.

‘I’m telling you: we have captured nothing, for f**k’s sake. They shout here ‘Forward! Go ahead!’, but there is no one to go ahead… I was also told that they said on TV that Rubezhnoye had been taken. We haven’t taken f**king anything! We’re standing at the same site,’ says the Russian occupier, who is trying to advance in Luhansk region.

He admits that even ‘elite’ units of Russia suffer from Ukrainian defenders: ‘Russian ‘spetsnaz’ [special forces] came here… They also got f**king beaten a bit, last night.’

Our heroes defeated Chechen invaders as well. Therefore, instead of fighting, they ‘took over’ moving of property stolen in Ukraine:

‘They beat the sh*t out of chechens, too. So, they don’t go anywhere anymore… Busy with ‘evacuation’: trucks with sausage are moved in, and trucks with gold are moved out of here! As if bringing ‘humanitarian aid’ here and the stolen – out, bastards,’ the dissatisfied invader says.

Looting is a very typical thing for occupiers during the war, which only aggravates their war crimes.