russian invaders start to learn Ukrainian (audio)

russian invaders are afraid of guerilla night attacks and start to learn Ukrainian.

In conversations over the telephone, they complain about constant attacks of Ukrainian defenders in Zaporizhzhia region and say ‘Do pobachennya’ [Ukrainian for good-bye] at the end of the call.

This is what another SSU interception is about.

‘Ever f**king evening we fight against sabotage groups, which every f**king night try to enter the village… In short, I’m f**king sick and tired of this, damn it, I want to go home, man. Some of us are on the edge: let’s stop giving a f**k and f**k off from here, they really piss us off,’ an occupier complains to his friend, who is also fighting in Ukraine.

At the end of the conversation, they switch to Ukrainian. It looks like our warriors will soon teach them to say ‘Slava Ukraini!’ [Glory to Ukraine!].

However, the shibboleth ‘palianytsia’ will remain out of reach for them.

Out of reach will also remain the plans to secure positions on Ukrainian land, where even a tractor can be part of guerilla warfare and tow away a russian tank.