Russian invaders continue to violate laws and customs of war (audio)

The invaders are afraid to fight Ukrainian defenders, so they are preparing provocations that could target civilian population.

This is evidenced by new telephone calls of occupiers intercepted by the SSU.

‘We’ll go now and mince ‘Ukrops’!... We stole their tank, f**king stuffed it with half a ton of TNT, f**king filled it with bolts, screws, nuts, for f**k’s sake… In addition, we hung mines, anti-tank missiles on it… Made remote control for it! Now we’ll send it to the village on remote control, and in the middle of the village we’ll f**king blow it up! It’s gonna be KABOOM!’ says the invader with enthusiasm.

He hopes that TNT will destroy everything around, and does not care about civilians in the village.

All interceptions and information collected will be used in international courts to punish anyone who commits atrocities on our land!