Russian invaders brag that they learnt to ‘loot competently’ in Ukraine

The occupiers are glad that they found a way to protect the loot from being taken away and to transport everything they stole to Russia without hindrance.

This is evidenced by the new calls of Russian occupiers intercepted by the SSU.

‘When we stayed in the village, me and the guys broke into a house, for f**k’s sake. And you know what I stole from there? A f**king computer! Computer worth about 150k. I’ll bring it home,’ the invader plans happily.

To his mother’s remark that his loot could be taken away, he calmly replies: ‘No, they won’t. We know where to hide it. We do everything competently.’

Do you know how the woman responded? With surprise and admiration for her son!

It seems that in Russia they don’t teach children not to steal or to earn to buy a computer or jewellery.

Well, our Armed Forces continue to teach lessons to the enemy. So far, about 22,000 invaders have learned them.

Glory to Ukraine!