Russia shells village of Klimovo in Bryansk region blaming Ukraine for this (audio)

This is confirmed by recent interceptions of occupiers’ telephone conversations intercepted by the SSU.

‘These are ours shelling,’ explains Russian invader, who is currently in Donetsk region.

To her question ‘why do this?’ he answers simply: ‘That’s what needs to be done. This is done for supposedly ‘khokhols [Ukrainians] are provoking us’. That’s why they hit.’

It is obvious that the Kremlin does not care about its military or civilian Russians, who also suffered from the shelling by Russian troops.

‘The same sh*t happened in the Chechen war. Apartments were blown up in Moscow, as if it was by terrorists. In fact, these are FSB guys. It’s just now they [Ukraine] could not be able to shoot from such a distance to Klimovo,’ the occupier adds.

He says that after this he decided to sign and submit a refusal to continue to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

At the very least, such step can increase his chances of survival. If he is not shelled by his own troops…