Russian invaders loot massively (audio)

Looting among Russian invaders is becoming increasingly massive. The army of ‘liberators’ is showing all its ‘virtues’.

This is evidenced by virtually all of the occupiers’ conversations intercepted by the SSU. Those stationed in Kyiv region consider themselves especially ‘lucky’.

‘Have you ever drunk absinthe?’ a soldier asks his girlfriend. And to her surprised question if he is at some kind of resort, he answers: ‘We robbed a store yesterday: we got beer and all sorts of sh*t…’

The ruscists understand that they won’t take Kyiv. So, they resort to more ‘down-to-earth’ tasks: ‘We’ll drink beer. The beer here is just really f**king great!’

He does not dare to make long-term plans for the future: ‘Don't book a date at the registry office yet. Here, it is not yet clear as to what and when…’

Because they have just one clear perspective: to return home in a plastic bag. Not the best outfit for a wedding…