Russian special services stage scenes for russian media: foreigners are forcibly taken out of Kherson to Crimea for ‘news reports’ (audio)

The SSU has obtained evidence that the FSB is fabricating fakes by organizing forcible evacuation of people from the temporarily occupied territories.

This was uncovered because the SSU gained access to a phone of an officer of the FSB. He supervised the making of a ‘picture’ for the occupiers in Kherson region. The video below includes voice messages from his phone and a fragment of the news report that russians produced due to his ‘efforts’.

The FSB officer was responsible for the ‘special operation of evacuation’ of ​​19 Vietnamese citizens, workers of one of Kherson markets, to the Crimea. The final video was meant to show foreigners thanking russia for saving them. However, it appeared that the Vietnamese did not want to leave the city.

Then, it turned out that some of them had already left for Odesa on their own. The ruscists chased them, but found 14, not 19, at the station.

And that same day, russian brainwashed audience enjoyed watching the ‘news’ about evacuation of as many as 140 grateful foreigners to the Crimea… Because news reports on russian TV seek a larger scale.