SSU: riots in russian army in Ukraine are getting massive (audio)

Russian occupiers are afraid to confront Ukrainian defenders, so rebellion in the enemy army is becoming massive.

To tame them somehow, moscow is sending ‘experienced punishers’ to Ukraine. For example, general Muradov, known for his cruelty after commanding joint russian forces in Syria.

He arranges ‘show trials’, but even that does not change the situation.

This is evidenced by occupiers’ new telephone conversations intercepted by the SSU.

‘Well, Muradov, he, like, came and arranged a show trial. Because no one wanted to go any further [on the offensive]… Well, the company commanders didn’t want to take their boys to death. And the guys themselves were not ready. He f**king bawled out the company commanders yesterday, demonstratively…  told them to undress, emptied their pockets, tied their hands… and they were put on PAZ buses and taken away,’ an occupier tells his father.

But despite such ‘shows’, those who refused are still sent home.

After all, russia cannot officially recognize that its military are massively refusing to fight. That’s why they say that these soldiers are on ‘vacations’.