SSU identifies russian servicemen involved in missile strike on Dnipro

The SSU has identified russian occupiers involved in the missile attack on a residential building in Dnipro on January 14, 2023.

The strike killed 40 people, including 3 children, and wounded 75 persons, 14 of them - children.

72 apartments in the high-rise have been destroyed completely, 236 flats – damaged, 25 cars - destroyed.

‘Each russia’s war crime has a specific perpetrator. The SSU will identify everyone and publish their names - no murderer will escape punishment. Everyone who presses the ‘launch’ button, everyone involved in such crimes should then be waiting for retribution every minute. And it will definitely come. The SSU has already collected a huge array of evidence for international courts, and every day continues to gather and supplement these materials,’ the SSU Acting Head Vasyl Maliuk emphasized.

He stressed that missile strikes will not break Ukrainians: ‘We will definitely win the war!’

SSU investigators have initiated criminal proceeding under Article 438 of the CCU (violation of laws and customs of war) to collect and summarize evidence of russia’a terrorist attack.

According to preliminary investigation data, several dozen servicemen of the aggressor state are involved in this crime, including:

  • commander of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment (military unit 33310) colonel Oleg Yevhenovych Tymoshyn, d.o.b.: 21 June 1971;
  • commander of aviation detachment of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment, major Oleksiy Serhiyovych Ivanenko, d.o.b.:  08 February 1987;
  • chief of staff of aviation squadron of aviation group Dmytro Holenkov, d.o.b.: 01 September 1978;
  • navigator of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment Denys Anatoliyovych Hryhoriyev, d.o.b.: 07 June 1982;
  • navigator of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment Dinar Nazyrov, d.o.b.: 03 July 1985;
  • aviation weapons engineer of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment Yevhen Potseluyev, d.o.b.: 16 June 1980.

After inspecting the site of the tragedy, the type of russian cruise missile - Kh-22, which the enemy used to hit the residential building, has been preliminarily confirmed.

After relevant examinations, the individuals involved will be notified of suspicion of committing a particularly serious crime against Ukraine.

Urgent operational and investigative activities are underway to bring all culprits to justice.

The SSU makes every effort to ensure that each person involved in the terrorist attack on civilians of Ukraine is punished.