SSU steps up cyber defence of strategic facilities and creates emergency email

To further strengthen cybersecurity of strategic facilities, the SSU has created an email address to respond to cyber threats in a timely and coordinated manner.

The email address will work 24/7.

If you see signs of a cyberattack, inform us.

Recently, the SSU contained large-scale cyberattacks from Russia. The enemy tried to disable the information and telecommunication systems of critical infrastructure. First of all, the aggressor targeted energy, transport and communications facilities.

The occupier began massive cyber sabotage even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine (January 13-14 and February 15-16). The next wave came on February 23-24.

According to the invaders’ plans, these attacks were meant to paralyze critical infrastructure in the country. However, the SSU’s prompt response frustrated such plans.

The SSU is documenting such unlawful activity and collecting evidence to identify and prosecute all those involved in crimes against Ukraine.

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!