SBU strengthens cooperation with Spanish law enforcement: joint suppression of cocaine smuggling channel

The SBU, in cooperation with the Spanish Civil Guard, suppressed a cocaine smuggling channel. The special services seized a consignment of drugs weighing 0.5 kg, sent to Ukraine from the European Union.

SBU investigators documented an attempt to establish a channel of smuggling hard drugs to our country. In Kyiv region, SBU officers detained a citizen of the South Caucasus while receiving an international postal item from Spain. It contained a household device with hidden 0.5 kg of cocaine.

Currently, an issue of serving a suspicion notice for drug smuggling is being resolved.

The operation was conducted by the SBU Office in Mykolaiv region jointly with the SBU Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in assistance with the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine under the supervision of the Mykolaiv regional prosecutor's office.

The SBU expresses special gratitude to the Civil Guard of the Kingdom of Spain for joint efforts in the fight against international drug trafficking.