SBU returns to Ministry of Infrastructure State Register of Sailors previously seized by raiders (video)

The SBU cyber specialists have completed the transfer of the State Register of Seafarers' Documents to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. They returned it from the control of third parties who used it for corruption schemes. Two offenders have already been reported as suspects.

Currently the recovery of the relevant services is under way. The "Seafarer's Electronic Cabinet" will soon be fully operational.

This was stated by the head of the Directorate of the SBU Cyber ​​Security Department Illia Vitiuk at a briefing.

"Two individuals, intermediaries of agencies that hired sailors have already been reported as suspects of receiving illegal benefits. The issue of prosecuting other involved persons is currently being resolved, ”Illia Vitiuk stressed.

According to the cyber specialist, the SBU not only transferred the register of seafarers to the Ministry of Infrastructure, but also helps to restore the work of all functions of the relevant services.

"Thus, the SBU tried best to prevent corruption in obtaining permits for seafarers. That is, people will not have to give USD 3-8 thousand of bribes, as it was before. I very much hope that the transfer of the register to the Ministry will eliminate any schemes in the future, ”Illia Vitiuk summerized.

We remind, last week SBU exposed and blocked the large-scale criminal scheme of registration of permits of seamen. In fact, the state register was owned by third parties. This allowed criminals to illegally issue permits to seafarers and receive up to USD 150 m. of improper advantage annually.

The criminal scheme of registration of seafarers' documents and return of the register to the state administration was conducted by the SBU cyber specialists together with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and with the assistance of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Reforms.