SSU declares producer Yuriy Bardash suspect: after fleeing to russia he calls to seize Kyiv and Kharkiv

The SSU has collected evidence against the producer and musician Yuriy Bardash, who is justifying russia’s war against Ukraine.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he fled to the aggressor state and launched a broad information campaign in support of the occupiers.

For this purpose, Bardash regularly publishes anti-Ukrainian posts on his Telegram channel with an audience of almost 50,000 subscribers.

Among other things, the producer calls for the capture of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

He also regularly repeats russian propaganda narratives on the kremlin’s mouthpieces on YouTube.

The examinations initiated by the SSU confirmed his information subversive activities against Ukraine.

Based on the evidence, SSU investigators notified Bardash of suspicion in absentia under four Articles of the CCU:

  • 109.2 (public calls for forceful change of constitutional order, as well as distribution of materials calling for such actions);
  • 110.1, 110.2 (distribution of materials calling for changes in the boundaries of the territory in violation of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine);
  • 436 (propaganda of war);
  • 436-2.1, 436-2.3 (justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, glorification of its participants).

The suspect is hiding from justice in russia. Efforts are underway to bring him to prosecution for crimes against Ukraine.

The investigation was carried out by the SSU Vinnytsia Office under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.