SSU serves suspicion notices to ruscists who used Ukrainians to create migration crisis in EU

The SSU has collected evidence against two leaders of the occupation ‘russian ministry of internal affairs in Zaporizhzhia region’ who were involved in the deportation of Ukrainians.

These are two russians: Nikolai Opryshko, who heads the occupation institution, and his subordinate Konstantin Razygrin, the chief of a ‘migration department’.

The perpetrators organized the forced deportation of residents of the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhia to Rostov region, and then to the northwestern border of russia with Latvia.

According to findings, the ruscists tried to create false migration tensions in the EU countries.

The investigation has established that people were forced to walk to Latvian border checkpoints under the guise of refugees to the EU.

In case of resistance, the victims were threatened with execution and repressions against their close relatives who remained in the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine.

The ‘route’ of the deported Ukrainians passed through the town of Melitopol, from which they were then taken to a ‘transit camp’ in the village of Sinyavskoye, Rostov region.

There, the victims were grouped for further ‘escort’ to the border areas of russia, in particular Pskov region bordering Latvia.

In addition, it has been established that after the deportation of people, the ruscists looted their homes and private property.

The SSU has documented how occupiers kidnapped a 74-year-old resident of the temporarily occupied town of Polohy, Zaporizhzhia region, from his home.

Then the old man was taken to a forest 10 kilometers from the EU border, where he was driven with other ‘refugees’ in the direction of one of the Baltic countries.

Based on the collected evidence, SSU investigators have served Opryshko and Razygrin a notice of suspicion under Articles 28.2, 438.1 of the CCU (violation of the laws and customs of war committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy).

The investigation is ongoing to bring both offenders to justice for crimes against Ukrainians. The offenders will be found and punished.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Office in Zaporizzhia region under the procedural supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office.