SSU serves suspicion notices to three traitors who stormed Krasnohorivka and tried to break through to Lyman

The SSU Military Counterintelligence and investigators have collected evidence on another three traitors who fought against Ukraine’s Defence Forces on the eastern front.

They served in the occupation groupings of russia’s Southern and Western military districts and took part in regular assaults on Ukrainian positions in Donetsk region.

Ukrainian defenders took the militants prisoner in May this year. Two of them were captured during fierce fighting near Krasnohorivka.

Another perpetrator was detained near Lyman. He and his platoon were trying to break through to the town and gain a foothold there.

One of the prisoners is a traitor from the temporarily occupied part of Luhansk region. Earlier this year, he arrived in Nizhny Novgorod and voluntarily signed a contract with the russian ministry of defence.

He was then appointed a rifleman to the 3rd motorized rifle division of the aggressor’s ground forces. After a short combat training, the soldier was sent to storm Ukrainian positions in Donetsk oblast.

Another two detainees are residents of the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk oblast.

One of them joined russia’s 129th separate motorized rifle regiment. As a rifleman, he underwent a ‘course’ in assault operations at the training grounds in Dzhankoy.

Then the traitor was sent to equip the enemy firing positions along the front line in Zaporizhzhia region and later was transferred to shell the AFU frontline positions in Donetsk region.

Another militant was ‘mobilized’ to the aggressor’s 109th regiment three days before the full-scale invasion. Serving in this unit, he took part in warfare near Krasnohorivka.

The SSU has notified the detained enemy soldiers of suspicion under two Articles of the CCU:

  • 111.1, 111.2 (high treason);
  • 111-1.7 (voluntary participation of a citizen of Ukraine in illegal armed or paramilitary formations of the aggressor state or providing assistance to such formations in conducting warfare against the AFU).

The suspects are in custody and face life imprisonment.

The investigation was carried out by the SSU Office in Donetsk and Luhansk regions under the procedural supervision of Donetsk Region Prosecutor’s Office.