SSU declares russia’s deputy defence minister suspect

The Security Service of Ukraine has collected evidence on russia’s deputy minster of defence Aleksei Krivoruchko, who is responsible for the logistics of russian troops in the war against Ukraine.

According to the investigation, the official has been taking part in planning, preparation and conducting of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

On his orders, the occupation groupings are supplied with weapons and ammunition, produced by the russian military-industrial complex.

Among other things, Krivoruchko personally coordinates the supplies of guided aerial bombs and Iskander ballistic missiles to the russian troops.

The ruscists are using these weapons for massive strikes on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.

Based on the evidence collected, the SSU has notified Krivoruchko of suspicion in absentia under Articles 27.2, 28.2, 437.2 of the CCU – waging an aggressive war, committed upon prior conspiracy, by a group.

The suspect is in russia. Efforts are underway to bring him to justice for crimes against Ukraine.

The investigation was carried out under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.