Kherson region: SBU conducts large-scale anti-terrorism exercise

The SBU is conducting large-scale multi-stage anti-terrorism exercise in Kherson region. The drills encompass a sea coastal area of the region and an administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

The exercise participants are the SBU, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service, the National Police and the State Special Transport Service.

The drills are planned to simulate actual conditions.  

The exercise involves intensive control and protection of Kherson region critical infrastructure, in particular seaports, energy facilities, an airport, bridges and gas towers.

The participants carry out joint restrictive measures in the maritime coastal areas.

Trainings are conducted in strict accordance with the law of Ukraine and with due attention to human rights and freedoms.

The SBU apologizes to residents and guests of Kherson region for any inconveniences caused.