SSU: russia significantly understates occupiers’ losses in Ukraine (audio)

The military leadership of russia considerably understates the losses of the occupiers in the war in Ukraine.

This is evidenced by new calls intercepted by the SSU. For example, this conversation between two russians, one of whom is in Ukraine, confirms this.

‘So many of our boys have been f**king killed, for f**k’s sake. One thing is what they say officially, but I’ll tell you: 25,900 killed. This is during the f**king 2 months…’ he tells his friend.

He emphasizes that not only ordinary soldiers are killed, but also high-ranking commanders.

‘The brigade commander [general’s position] got hit. They collected his guts and put them back in his belly and sent him by helicopter… They took him to russia, there his heart failed,’ the invader adds.

And there are many such cases when commanders are killed, not just soldiers. So many that the occupiers themselves understand that the propaganda stories on TV have nothing to do with reality.

Ukraine is defeating and will defeat the invaders!