SSU investigates missile attack on Kanatove airfield, which occurred due to unauthorized actions of individual servicemen

The SSU is investigating the circumstances that led to a massive missile strike on Kanatove airfield on July 23, 2022.

According to the investigation, this attack was provoked by unauthorized actions of individual servicemen who decided to conduct a so-called ‘special operation’ to seize a russian air force aircraft, whose pilot allegedly agreed to an offer to defect to Ukraine.

During this ‘operation’, which was conducted despite the SSU’s objections and without coordination with the relevant state authorities, the enemy obtained information on location of Ukrainian Air Force personnel and aircraft. Having this intelligence, russia attacked Kanatove airfield in Kirovohrad region.

The missile strike killed the commander of the military unit and wounded 17 Ukrainian defenders. Two combat fighter jets of the Ukrainian Air Force were completely destroyed, and the runway, equipment and buildings were heavily damaged.

Such actions of individual servicemen, which led to serious consequences, deaths and injuries of Ukrainian defenders and damage to our defence capabilities, require an appropriate legal assessment.

Criminal proceeding was opened under Articles of the CCU: 111.2 (high treason) and 426-1.5 (abuse of power or authority by a military official).