SBU systematically fights organized crime

Since the beginning of 2021, SBU investigations helped to convict 72 criminals involved in large-scale corruption and organized crime, primarily transnational. Law enforcement neutralized 44 criminal groups that posed a threat to state security, and detained 305 suspects who will stand trial.

In the city of Kyiv, the SBU detained an official of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) during attempt to pass strategically important information to IAF leaders of the so-called DNR.

It is established that the lieutenant colonel of Tax Militia of the SFS Operational Support Division collected the defense information about the following:

  • progress of execution of the state defense order;
  • personal data of employees of Ukrainian law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The offender received suspicion notice of participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization; disclosure of state secrets. Articles provide for imprisonment for up to 15 years with confiscation of property.

In addition, the SBU prevented the smuggling of a large consignment of heroin to the EU countries. During the investigation, SBU officers seized 1,035 kg of drugs, prepared for export under the guise of diplomatic cargo. The cost of the detected "goods" tops UAH 2.3 b. (USD 82.1 m.).

During a special operation, law enforcement officers detained the organizer and active participants in drug trafficking. They turned out to be residents of a Middle East country.

The SBU also exposed an organized group smuggling cultural property to the EU. They tried to export an antique collection worth almost USD 1 m.

After the pre-trial investigation, the issue of transferring the confiscated cultural property to the Museum Fund of Ukraine will be considered.

The Security Service of Ukraine systematically counteracts corruption, in which high-ranking officials are involved.

In Ternopil region, the SBU exposed the head of a State Tax Service unit on UAH 1 m. bribe (USD 35,714).

It was established that the official extorted money from entrepreneurs. For money, he "guaranteed" not to send the inspection results to law enforcement agencies and to reduce the size of penalties.

In the city of Zhytomyr, the SBU exposed the head of the Health Department of the Regional State Administration on misappropriation of funds allocated for counteracting the COVID-19 pandemic.