SBU systematically protects cybersecurity

Since the beginning of the year, SBU cyber specialists localized almost 350 potential threats to the information security of our state. 35 hackers and hostile propagandists were prosecuted, 14 criminals were sentenced.

The SBU exposed a large-scale intelligence network that conducted reconnaissance and subversive activities on behalf of Russian special services. The offenders created panic among the population via Telegram channels, as well as exacerbated the social and political situation in Ukraine.

It was established that the agents acted in the interests of the so-called GRU 85th Main Special Service Center.

SBU officers detained one of the key offenders in the city of Kyiv. The woman and another member of the agent network received suspicion notices of treason. Law enforcement served the group leader a suspicion notice of treason in absentia. To avoid criminal responsibility, the offender escaped abroad.

SBU cyber specialists also blocked a large-scale cyberattack by FSB-controlled hacker group "Armageddon". The FSB intended to gain access to secret data of the highest state authorities of Ukraine.

The SBU effectively counter international cybercrime.

Due to cooperation with the US and French partners, the activities of the transnational hacker group have been blocked. The offenders stole information from the electronic databases of foreign companies, including personal data of employees and customers, as well as financial indicators and technological developments.

The damage caused by hackers tops USD 80 m.

The offenders, in particular the organizer, received suspicion notices.

SBU cyber specialists also exposed unauthorized interference with the database of Ukrainian law enforcement and regulatory bodies. Among the organizers are government officials who sold classified information to customers.

According to SBU investigations, 20 foreigners involved in separatist propaganda on the Internet have been banned from entering Ukraine. The SBU stopped the activity of powerful bot farms with more than 23,000 accounts. They spread destructive content on the Internet and social media.

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to work to detect, record and neutralize hostile information operations and cyberattacks against Ukraine, as well as does the best to prevent them.