SSU and National Police block 8 more draft evasion schemes

The SSU and the National Police uncovered 8 schemes of mobilization evasion and illegal departure of conscription-aged men abroad. All organizers of the exposed crimes were detained in different regions of Ukraine.

For money, the offenders helped the dodgers to escape abroad using forged documents or bypassing checkpoints.

The cost of such «services» ranged from 3 to 10 thousand US dollars. The amount depended on the urgency of the departure and the type of «scheme».

In Vinnytsia region:

three schemes for the escape of dodgers were uncovered. Five criminals were detained: three of them offered the persons liable for military service to escape from Ukraine through the border areas of the Dniester River.

The organizers of the «traffic» used a boat to transport the dodgers to the opposite bank of the neighboring country.

The other two offenders helped their «clients» to cross the border past checkpoints.

In Cherkasy region:

a former tax officer was served a notice of suspicion. Using his own contacts, he «sold» positions in various public organizations that transport humanitarian aid.

In this way, the suspect «employed» dodgers to register their personal data in the «Shlyakh» system as volunteers.

This «scheme» allowed conscription-aged men to travel outside Ukraine posing as drivers transporting humanitarian goods.

In Kirovohrad region:

A dealer selling «fake unfit for service» certificates for health reasons was detained.

To obtain a fake certificate, the offender «appealed» to his accomplices from the local military medical commission.

In Rivne region:

The deputy head of a local hospital was detained. For bribes, the official offered to issue a fictitious disability group to dodgers and thus avoid military service.

In Lviv region:

two other organizers of «schemes for dodgers» were served suspicion notices. They were residents of the region. One of them was selling fake certificates of removal from the military register. Another added data to the «Shlyakh» system for traveling abroad posing as «volunteers».

Investigations are ongoing regarding all the revealed facts to establish all the circumstances of the crimes and bring the offenders to justice.

Organizers of criminal schemes face up to 9 years in prison with confiscation of property. Their clients face up to 5 years in prison.

The operation was carried out jointly with the National Police under the supervision of regional Prosecutor's Offices.