SSU: enemy hangars crammed with killed soldiers (audio)

Due to fierce Ukrainian resistance, the enemy’s hangars storing ‘cargo 200’ [killed military servicemen] are packed full of corpses.

This is evidenced by new telephone calls of invaders intercepted the SSU.

A Russian soldier who came to Ukraine to ‘liberate’ is still unable to recover from shock and shares his impressions with his friend.

‘To be honest, Russia is really ‘fading away’. There are hangars further on, and corpses of Russian soldiers are simply brought and thrown there. They don’t know who is who, they don’t identify. There are 5-6 stacks, crammed full! Imagine? They just don’t know who’s who,’ the invader says in horror.

He does not see any high goal in his actions: ‘It’s chaos here! Absolutely nothing is clear: what we are fighting for, how we are fighting.’

The occupier talks about losses in his company: only 10 of 67 remain. Dagestanis and Chechens are fleeing with the words ‘this is not our war.’

That’s true. Invaders shouldn’t be on our land!

And those who think otherwise – they fill already full hangars.