SSU implements best military-technological solutions to effectively destroy enemy – Vasyl Maliuk

Equipping Sea Baby maritime drones with multiple launch rocket systems is a clear indication that the Security Service of Ukraine is improving every day to implement the best military and technological solutions to destroy the enemy.

The SSU Head Vasyl Maliuk said this at the UNITED24 fundraising platform summit.

‘The use of naval combat drones is a new milestone in the history of naval battles. But we have gone much further, and today we are successfully adapting various types of weapons to our drones. We will not disclose all the details to prevent the enemy from being prepared. What is important is that we are implementing the best military and technological solutions, experimenting and improving every day,’ said Vasyl Maliuk.

According to him, the SSU first used a Sea Baby drone equipped with Grad multiple launch rocket systems in December 2023.

The Sea Baby is a multi-purpose platform on which the Service installs additional weapons to perform various tasks. Among other things, the drone effectively performs remote mining. According to the SSU Head, 4 enemy ships have already been hit in this way.

Vasyl Maliuk reminded that the history of maritime drones began in 2022, when the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, set the SSU a task: to stop russia’s dominance in the Black Sea and create operationally favourable conditions for the grain corridor to function.

The SSU has fulfilled this task, from the operational concept to successful combat operations. The Service was the first to use naval drones in its special missions.

‘Later, our colleagues from the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and the Navy joined us. And today we have a lot of trophies. In particular, the SSU hit 11 enemy ships, driving russia’s fleet into the Novorossiysk Bay. But even there, we got them by hitting a large landing ship, the Olenegorskiy Gornyak,’ Vasyl Maliuk recalls.

With the help of MLRS-equipped drones, the SSU can significantly increase the list of potential targets at sea.

Vasyl Maliuk names the Crimean Bridge as one of the priority targets, which the SSU has already hit twice, including with the Sea Baby drones.

The SSU Head thanked UNITED24 ambassadors, volunteers and all Ukrainians who donate and help Ukrainian defenders. He also thanked the comrades-in-arms from the Defence Forces, with whom the SSU conducts joint actions.

‘There are many, many surprises ahead. Believe me, the SSU and the entire Defence Forces will not let you down. We have to move dynamically to Victory together, because our strength is in unity,’ Vasyl Maliuk emphasized.