Donbas: SSU detects three caches with weaponry

In the JFO area, the SSU uncovered three caches with weapons.
Law enforcement officers seized 1 kg of plastid with a fuse, 13 anti-tank mines and 4,000 rounds of various caliber.

Allegedly, the caches were arranged by militants of so-called LNR/DNR in order to conduct subversive activity in the region.

During the searches in an abandoned garage in Lysychansk, the SSU seized:

  • 125 grenade launchers of various modifications;
  • 10 grenades (RKG-3 and F-1);
  • more than 2,600 rounds of various calibers.

From another cache, set up near hydraulic power station at the entrance to the city, the SSU seized over 180 artillery shells.

In Mariupol, SSU operatives seized 3,963 ammo of various calibers.

The investigative actions are ongoing to prosecute those involved into illegal activity.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Main Directorate in Luhansk and Donetsk regions together with the National Police and the State Emergency Service under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office.