SSU exposes former law enforcement officer selling personal data

The SSU exposed a former law enforcement officer from Poltava region who was selling restricted information from state and commercial databases.

The offender traded in information, available to law enforcement and government agencies, as well as banking institutions and mobile operators, in particular, databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Tax Service, the State Migration Service, the State Fiscal Service, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

He found clients on telegram channels and, to evade liability, received payment to third-party bank cards.

As part of the investigation, the SSU documented the individual selling for UAH 16,000 (USD 600) information about two citizens of Ukraine from the databases:

ARMOR (integrated information retrieval system of the MoI with information on convictions, unsolved crimes, weapons permits, etc.),

"RATSS" (State Register of Civil Status Acts, documents of Civil Registry Office),

"ITS GART" (information and telecommunication system of border control with access to the database of the State Border Guard Service on persons who crossed the state border of Ukraine).

The offender was also going to sell information containing bank secrecy for UAH 29,000 (USD 1100).  The law enforcement detained him in the negotiations regarding this ‘operation’.

The detainee has been notified of suspicion of unauthorized sale and dissemination of information with restricted access stored on computers and in automated systems. The court is to decide on the measure of restraint.

Investigation is underway to identify all those involved in the scheme.

The SSU Cyber Security Department carried out the operation together with the National Police investigators under the supervision of Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office.