SSU exposes corruption scheme in Kyiv Children’s Diagnostic Center: former Deputy Minister of Social Policy among organizers

The SSU has exposed a scheme of unlawful enrichment at Kyiv City Children’s Diagnostic Center.

Former top official of Kyiv City State Administration, certain public figures and ex-Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine are involved in the scheme.

According to preliminary information, the offenders were extorting money from the employees of the Center. They involved the director and over 10 medics in illegal activity.

Each week, the staff were obliged to pay interest on:

  • treatment and medical services in the institution to those treated without registration, off the record;
  • unofficial payments for medical services from patients;
  • payments for not taking disciplinary action and not dismissing employees;
  • amounts received from tenants for excess utilization of space;
  • profits from purchasing goods and services from controlled suppliers at inflated prices;
  • funds paid for entering false information into the Helsi Medical Information System (fake COVID-19 vaccinations).

According to investigation, the scheme was operating during 8 months.

The law enforcement detained the director of Kyiv City Children’s Diagnostic Center after she received another weekly payment from a subordinate in the amount of UAH 30,000 (USD 1,050).

In an episode documented earlier, she received UAH 24,000 (USD 850) for not dismissing an employee on trumped-up grounds.

The searches at the offices and homes of the perpetrators led to the seizure of:

  • draft accounting records;
  • bank cards for receiving payments;
  • money that is apparently proceeds of crime.

The director and a doctor of the diagnostic center, ex-advisor to the head of Kyiv City State Administration on self-government powers and former Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine on European Integration have been notified of suspicion of crimes under Article 368.3 (bribery) and Article 362.3 (unauthorized actions with data on computers, in automated systems and networks, committed by a person entitled to access to such information) of the CCU. The court is to decide on the measures of restraint.

Investigation is underway to identify all those involved in the scheme.

The SSU carried out the operation together with the National Police investigators under the supervision of Shevchenkivskyi District Prosecutor’s Office.