SBU exposes network of online activists calling for seizure of power and violence against law enforcement

SBU cyber ​​experts exposed an interregional network of six online activists run by Russia, who urged in social media to overthrow the constitutional order and seize state power. One of them incited to physical violence against the law enforcement.

During searches of offenders' residences, SBU officers seized computer equipment and means of communication with evidence of illegal activity.

Two offenders received suspicion notices for actions aimed at forcible change or overthrow of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power.

Moreover, in Ternopil region online propaganda of takeover and violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine was exposed. Allegedly, the offender also called for physical violence against officials of state authorities and law enforcement agencies.

In Sumy region, SBU cyber experts stopped illegal activity of a resident of Putyvl, posting destructive content to forcibly change the constitutional order and seize state power. It was established that the offender received materials for posts through banned Internet resources.

Three more agitators from Mykolaiv and Volyn received suspicion papers for encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

Allegedly, the offenders used banned social media to urge a change of state borders. It was also established that two offenders from Volyn region coordinated the Internet community and used it for destructive information and psychological influence.

Case papers were sent to court.

In Dnipropetrovsk region, SBU officers exposed online activism of a resident of Nikopol calling for actions aimed at violation of the territorial integrity of our state. The issue of serving him a suspicion notice for trespass against territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine is being resolved.