SSU exposes russian special services on using smartphone games to recruit Ukrainian children (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine has uncovered a mobile application through which users were providing geolocation and real photos of strategic facilities in a form of a game.

To involve children in sabotage activities, the aggressor used popular game software for smartphones. In the app, participants are looking for so-called boxes with virtual prizes, which can be exchanged for electronic money.

Following the game route, children take photos of the area, including military and critical infrastructure in various towns and villages. Quest participants upload all information on geolocations to the app’s database.

At the same time, an IT company controlled by russian special services has access to the administration of this application. The company is registered in a European country and distributes interactive platforms.

Thus, the enemy used Ukrainian children, unwittingly, without their knowledge, to gather intelligence on location of strategically important entities.

In particular, two teenagers were detained in Kirovohrad region when they photographed checkpoints, grain elevators and transport routes in the region.

Both minors are residents of Zhovti Vody in Dnipropetrovsk region. The interactive application was installed on their smartphones, where they planned to upload geotagged photos.

In addition, the teenagers forwarded their virtual ‘finds’ with coordinates using Telegram app to third persons, who might be connected to russian special services.

The SSU is acting comprehensively to block the enemy’s interference in electronic systems of official mobile applications and bring perpetrators to justice.