SSU exposes clergyman who assisted enemy and worked for gauleiter of Kharkiv region

During stabilization efforts in the liberated areas of the east of Ukraine, the SSU exposed another kremlin’s henchman.

This individual is the rector of one of the churches of the moscow patriarchate’s Ukrainian orthodox church (UOC-MP) in Kharkiv region.

During the temporary occupation of Kupiansk district, the cleric called the local religious community to support the invaders and justified russia’s crimes in the war against Ukraine.

In addition, the priest in every possible way contributed to the spread of the occupation regime and for this purpose personally contacted the local gauleiter Vitaliy Hanchev.

The representative of the UOC-MP coordinated his activities with this ‘official’ in order to use the church to attract locals to the enemy ranks and discredit the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

For subversive activities, the clergyman involved a parishioner - a woman from one the villages, who helped him spread pro-kremlin propaganda in the community.

During the liberation of the area, the cleric and his accomplice fled to russia, where they are now hiding from justice.

Both of them have been notified of suspicion of crime under Article 436-2.1 of the CCU (justifying, recognizing as legitimate, denying russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine) and declared wanted.

The investigation is underway.

The SSU Office in Kharkiv Region exposed the offenders jointly with the National Police under the procedural supervision of Kupiansk District Prosecutor’s Office.