SBU blocks smuggling of firearms to Ukraine

The SBU blocked the illegal supply of disassembled firearms to Ukraine.
The operation was conducted jointly with law enforcement agencies
of the United States and the Republic of Poland, as well as the Europol National Unit.

Within the criminal proceedings, SBU operatives found that several residents of the capital and Kyiv region organized illegal business. The accomplice transferred spare parts from the USA via Poland. He sent the components via international delivery service avoiding customs control.

SBU officers in accordance with Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine detained one of the organizers while receiving the shipment. The operation was carried out in one of the settlements of Kyiv region.

During seven searches of the offenders’ residences, law enforcement officers seized:

  • TT pistol and four magazines;
  • Sauer pistol and magazine;
  • pistol TM Glock 19 and two shutter frames;
  • two lower parts kits of TM Glock 19;
  • over 150 rounds of various calibers;
  • over USD 30,000;
  • spare parts and accessories for short-barreled firearms;
  • bank cards.

Currently, SBU investigators served the detainee suspicion notice of smuggling.

The pre-trial investigation is underway.

The operation was conducted by the SBU Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime under the supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.