To avoid helping russia guide missiles at Ukraine, owners of street webcams are asked to turn off online broadcasting

The SSU calls on owners of street webcams to stop online broadcasts from their devices, and asks citizens to report streams from such cameras to the SSU official chatbot:

This primarily concerns the automatic video recording around residential and social buildings, road and transport, industrial and commercial facilities.

russia is exploiting vulnerability of modern webcams to launch missile attacks at Ukraine and adjust them in real time.

The aggressor can receive information from the cameras’ online broadcasts via streaming platforms or through hacking.

The SSU also emphasizes that it is forbidden to take and publish photos and videos of the activities of the Defence Forces and the consequences of enemy strikes. Distribution of such photos and footage is a crime punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

Today, when entire Ukraine is successfully resisting the vile and insidious enemy, it is extremely important not to give the occupiers even the slightest opportunity to adjust their attacks.

Please, stay vigilant and follow safety recommendations!