SSU detains gang of «black gunsmiths» selling trophy machine guns and sniper rifles to criminals

The SSU together with the National Police neutralized a criminal group that was clandestinely selling weapons in different regions of Ukraine.

As a result of a special operation in Kyiv and Lviv, two gang organizers were detained «red-handed». The criminals were trying to sell a batch of sniper rifles of russian production to criminals.

Five more suspects were detained in Sumy, Odesa, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions.

Among the items confiscated from the criminals are 59 combat grenades, more than a dozen Kalashnikov rifles, anti-personnel mines and machine guns.

According to the investigation, the defendants searched for potential clients through their own connections in the criminal environment.

They also regularly «monitored» specialized Internet platforms for the sale of various weapons, where, in particular, they posted their «offers».

After receiving the «order», the criminals packed it in boxes from household equipment and sent them by post to the «addressee».

In this way, they tried to disguise their «goods». But they failed, as the SSU had already documented every step of the group's criminal activity.

According to the available information, the perpetrators obtained weapons and ammunition for sale primarily from the former battlefields near the front line.

Then they stored the munitions in specially equipped storage caches on the territory of their own households and in local garage cooperatives.

During the search, additional munitions were confiscated from the caches:

  • 28 combat pistols, including Makarov and TT systems;
  • more than 10 Dragunov sniper rifles;
  • 3 submachine guns;
  • almost 3.5 thousand rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

Currently, two organizers of the group were served a notice of suspicion under Part 2 of Article 28 and Article 263 of the CCU (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives committed by a group of persons).

They are currently in custody. The investigation is ongoing to bring all the gang members to justice. They face up to 7 years in prison.

The operation was carried out under the supervision of the Podilskyi district Prosecutor's Office.