SSU detains bloggers who filmed provocative streams about AFU and leaked locations of servicemen

In Kyiv region, the SSU has uncovered another five bloggers who carried out information and subversive activities against Ukraine with the purpose of disrupting mobilization.

They filmed provocative streams and wrote fake publications about the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including about the personnel of military enlistment offices.

This destructive content was picked up by russian propagandists to prepare staged stories, including for an international audience.

The perpetrators also disseminated information on locations and routes of Ukrainian defenders. The aggressor could have used these coordinates to conduct targeted missile and drone strikes on the Defence Forces.

One of the detained is a Kyiv resident who was driving his car and streaming on YouTube near the locations of the AFU in the capital.

During the online broadcasts, the blogger not only disclosed the locations, but also spread fakes about the servicemen.

Another perpetrator is a Kyiv taxi driver who administered a network of anonymous Telegram channels disguised as ‘advertising services and product sales’.

Using the network, he spun kremlin narratives about the mobilization in Ukraine and disseminated information on the location of military enlistment officers.

The third suspect is a Kyiv resident who on his social media called to disrupt mobilization through violent resistance to representatives of the territorial recruitment centers.

Another two offenders from Kyiv region leaked locations of Ukrainian defenders to groups and chatbots on popular messenger apps. Some of these Internet resources were coordinated from russia.

During the searches at the suspects’ homes in Kyiv, as well as in Bucha, Bila Tserkva and Fastiv districts of the region, the SSU found mobile phones with evidence of their criminal actions.

The SSU served all five detained individuals notices of suspicion under Article 114-1.1 of the CCU (obstruction of lawful activities of the AFU and other military formations, during a special period).

The investigation is ongoing. The suspects face up to 8 years in prison.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Main Office in Kyiv and Kyiv region under the procedural supervision of Kyiv City and Regional Prosecutor’s Offices.