SSU detains collaborating member of local council and dismantles agent network in South and East of Ukraine

The SSU continues to expose traitors and artillery observers and dismantle extensive agent networks of occupiers.

In Kherson region:

The SSU exposed a member of a local council on treason. He was recruited by the FSB for intelligence and subversive activities.

After the start of russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine, the collaborator helped to accommodate russian military in the temporarily occupied Kherson. He also provided coordinates to the invaders for patrolling the city.

The SSU detained the traitor during his trip to Odesa, from where he intended to travel abroad with a foreign passport.

In Kharkiv region:

The SSU Counterintelligence exposed the occupiers’ collaborator, who adjusted enemy missile strikes on schools, hospitals and residential areas.

In addition, she provided the invaders with coordinates of critical infrastructure facilities and Ukrainian military units.

During personal search of the detainee, officers found means of communication with her supervisor from russian special services and a large sum of money in russian rubles.

In Luhansk region:

The SSU dismantled a group of enemy informants, which included three residents of Severodonetsk.

They collected intelligence on the movement of equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, photographed it and handed over photos tagging the data to the area.

Russian agents also adjusted enemy artillery shelling of city infrastructure and residential buildings.

As a reward for their ‘work’, the informants were promised a car, which the occupiers looted from locals.

The SSU detained the agents when they were trying to take photos of the positions of Ukrainian troops.

Another collaborator of the invaders was detained near Popasna. She passed information on the location of firing positions of Ukrainian units to the occupiers.

She kept in touch with the enemy through her daughter, who had been recruited by the FSB while she was in Moscow.

In Donetsk region:

The SSU detained the enemy’s artillery observer who adjusted the fire on one of Kramatorsk plants. Due to her coordinates, the occupiers carried out air strikes on the facility.

Prior to that, the woman gathered intelligence on the positions and number of Ukrainian military servicemen in the city. She passed the collected information to the so-called ‘MGB (ministry of state security) of DNR’ through established communication channels.

In Odesa:

The SSU detained an Internet agent of russian special services. The enemy activated him at the beginning of russia’s full-scale aggression for information sabotage.

The agent spread disinformation about the situation at the front through social networks and called for support of the occupiers. For this purpose, he created and administered over a dozen of Internet propaganda platforms.

In addition, the SSU blocked the activities of a group of energy companies run by russia. Among them are five commercial entities engaged in supply of natural gas and electricity.

These companies could use part of their profits to support the kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine.

Due to prompt response, the SSU exposed the companies and blocked relevant assets.

This blocking will not affect end users of energy.

Currently, basing on the SSU’s material, the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utility Services has revoked licenses for economic activities of these entities.

The Security Service of Ukraine is working to bring to justice all participants and organizers of crimes against Ukraine’s state security.