Dealers detained for offering SSU colonel USD 1 million bribe

In Kyiv, the SSU Main Directorate for Internal Security and investigators detained businessmen who offered a USD 1 million bribe to an officer of the SSU Main Investigation Department.

For the bribe, the perpetrators wanted the official to help them carry out a raider seizure of a mining company that owns one of the largest quarries in Vinnytsia oblast.

To do this, the SSU officer had to register a criminal proceeding against the mining company without grounds for this.

After the case is opened, the raiders planned to take part in searches of the company premises posing as witnesses to assess its technological capacities.

Later, they intended to take possession of the company’s property. For this purpose, they asked for additional assistance from the official of the Service.

However, the SSU colonel immediately reported the ‘offer’ to his superiors.

As a result, all four raiders were detained ‘red-handed’ when they tried to hand over the first part of the bribe in a Kyiv restaurant.

During the searches of the suspects’ homes in Kyiv region and their cars, the SSU found computer equipment, mobile phones and records with evidence of the transaction.

Based on the documented facts, the SSU notified all four detainees of suspicion under Article 369.4 of the CCU (offering, promising or giving an unlawful benefit to an official holding a responsible position, committed by a group).

The court is to decide on custody as a measure of restraint.

The suspects face up to 8 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The operation was carried out under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.