SSU detains enemy informant preparing seizure of Vovchansk

The SSU has detained an enemy agent who was spying on the locations of Ukrainian troops defending Vovchansk.

The aggressor’s accomplice was tracking the time and directions of flights of Ukrainian attack helicopters that provide air cover for the Defence Forces.

The enemy was also interested in intelligence on combat positions of Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance and heavy artillery, which fire at the russian assault groups.

The ruscists needed the data to make new attempts to capture the city and further advance on Kharkiv direction.

To carry out the enemy assignment, the spy walked around Vovchansk and neighbouring villages and recorded geolocations of Ukrainian defenders.

The perpetrator also talked to local people, trying to elicit information from them during seemingly everyday conversations.

He then reported the collected data to the russian intelligence service by phone.

The SSU documented the suspect’s criminal actions, took action to protect Ukrainian troops, and then detained him in his home.

The detainee is an ideological supporter of ruscism, who was recruited remotely by the russian military intelligence in 2023.

He began conducting reconnaissance during the repeated enemy offensive in Kharkiv region.

Based on the evidence, the SSU served the traitor a notice of suspicion under Article 114-2.2 of the CCU (unauthorized dissemination of information on transfer, movement or location of the AFU, if they can be identified on the ground).

The suspect is in custody and faces up to 8 years in prison.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Offices in Khmelnytskyi and Kharkiv regions under the procedural supervision of Kharkiv Region Prosecutor’s Office.