SSU detains collaborator who called Kherson residents to ‘join’ russia

The SSU has detained another organizer of the sham referendum held by ruscists during the occupation of Kherson region in autumn 2022.

The perpetrator is a resident of Beryslav district, which was occupied at that time. The woman supported the invaders and offered her assistance in the war against Ukraine.

For this, she was appointed to the occupation ‘election commission’ in Borozenske community.

There, the collaborator prepared the fake plebiscite on the region’s ‘accession’ to russia.

She prepared lists of local residents and then went door-to-door and agitated people to ‘vote’ in the kremlin’s favour.

During such ‘raids’, the ‘election official’ took ballots with her and threateningly urged fellow villagers to put the ‘necessary marks’ in them.

In case of refusal, she hinted that next time she would come accompanied by armed ruscists.

After the liberation of the right-bank Kherson region, the collaborator was hiding from justice for a long time.

However, the SSU documented her involvement in the crime, found and detained her.

Based on the evidence, SSU investigators notified the detainee of suspicion under Articles 28.2, 111-1.5 of the CCU (collaboration, committed by a group, upon prior conspiracy).

The suspect is in custody and faces up to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The operation was carried out under the procedural supervision of Kherson Region Prosecutor’s Office.