Vinnytsia region: SSU detains repeat offender working for PMC ‘Wagner’

The SSU has prevented the enemy’s new attempts to create an agent network in Ukraine’s central regions.

As a result of the operation, a repeat offender working for the russian private military company ‘Wagner’ was detained in Vinnytsa.

The perpetrator collected information on the locations of the Defence Forces in Vinnytsia and Cherkasy regions.

He also ‘reported’ to the occupiers on the consequences of missile and drone strikes on the central part of Ukraine.

To gather the intelligence, the man tried to set up a network of informants in different districts of the two oblasts.

To find like-minded people and recruit them, the traitor used his personal connections in criminal circles.

He promised potential ‘candidates’ monetary rewards, which he hoped to receive from the ‘Wagner’.

The SSU identified the agent at an early stage and documented his reconnaissance and sabotage activities.

According to the investigation, the suspect is a former serviceman with a criminal record for desertion and participation in warfare against the Anti-Terrorist Operation forces in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

After release, he settled in Uman, but later moved to Vinnytsia oblast.

In late 2023, the man was recruited remotely by his acquaintance, a representative of the PMC ‘Wagner’.

During the search of the suspect’s home, the SSU found a mobile phone, which he used to communicate with the occupiers.

SSU investigators have now served the detainee a notice of suspicion under Article 111.2 of the CCU (high treason, committed under martial law).

The suspect is in custody and faces life imprisonment.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Vinnytsia Office under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.