SSU detains repeat offender: enemy agent spying behind Kharkiv defense lines

The SSU has prevented another attempt of russian intelligence services to obtain information on Kharkiv’s defense.

Primarily, the aggressor was interested in the geolocations of fortifications and heavy weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which defend the city on the north.

The enemy also wanted to identify the locations of mobile air defence fire groups that shoot down russian drones in the border areas of the region.

To gather intelligence, the occupiers engaged an informant with a criminal background, who lived in Vovchansk district, Kharkiv region.

Posing as an ordinary citizen, he walked around the border area and monitored the defence lines and the AFU’s firing positions.

At home, the perpetrator marked the recorded coordinates on Google maps to prepare his report for the russian intelligence.

The invaders needed the data to plan combat operations, including those involving sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

The SSU uncovered the traitor in time and documented his criminal actions.

This helped to protect the AFU’s temporary bases and disguise their movement, and then detain the suspect at his home.

The investigation revealed that the enemy accomplice is a 45-year-old repeat offender who had previously served a sentence for theft and grievous bodily harm that led to the victim’s death.

The convict’s pro-kremlin views that he repeatedly shared with others brought him to the attention of the russian intelligence.

During the search of the suspect’s home, the SSU seized a mobile phone with evidence of his communication with the aggressor.

SSU investigators served the detainee a notice of suspicion under Article 114-2.2 of the CCU (unauthorized dissemination of information on movement, transfer or location of the AFU, if they can be identified on the ground).

The suspect is in custody and faces up to 8 years in prison.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Office in Kharkiv region under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.