SSU detains enemy informant who helped ruscists capture Avdiivka

The SSU has detained another enemy informant who spied on Ukraine’s Defence Forces during the battle for Avdiivka.

While living in the town, the woman recorded locations of the AFU strongholds and firing points.

She also monitored the routes and number of military convoys heading to reinforce combat positions of Avdiivka’s defenders.

The traitor used a messenger app to pass the intelligence to her sister, a medic of the russian occupation grouping involved in the continuous assaults on the town.

The agent’s relative reported the information to the russian military intelligence.

The invaders used the obtained data to plan military operations to capture Avdiivka using assault groups, heavy artillery and bombers.

When active fighting began in Avdiivka, the enemy asset left for Kryvyi Rih, where she hoped to hide posing as an internally displaced person.

The woman stayed in a rented apartment, for which she paid with the social benefits for IDPs.

The SSU documented the crime, identified the suspect’s location and detained her.

During the search of her home, the investigators found a mobile phone with evidence of the reconnaissance and sabotage against Ukraine.

The SSU has served the detainee a notice of suspicion under Article 114-2.2 of the CCU (unauthorized dissemination of information on movement or location of the AFU).

The suspect is in custody and faces up to 8 years in prison.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Office in Donetsk and Luhansk regions under the procedural supervision of Donetsk Region Prosecutor’s Office.