SSU detains high-ranking official of occupation authority of Crimea supporting militarization of peninsula

SSU detained a Russian citizen who actively supported temporary occupation of the AR of Crimea. Arriving to peninsula after its occupation, the perpetrator was responsible for the development of the infrastructure, including the rapid militarization of Crimea.

Allegedly, the offender was promised to be promoted. After the occupation of the peninsula that was a common practice for militants to appoint on the strategic facilities their accomplices.

According to the investigation, during 2014-2017 the offender managed the illegal entities run by militants on the basis of seized Ukrainian enterprises.

The offender was involved into illegal seizure of Ukrainian enterprises’ property and its further usage in the development of the annexed peninsula infrastructure.

In particular, it is a case of the cargo transportation of the Black Sea Fleet of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The offender repeatedly took part in the working meeting chaired by the head of the so-called Republic of Crimea Sergii Aksyonov. During such meetings, the offender reported on the assigned duties, as well as presented proposals on the development of the infrastructure of occupants’ projects.

In September 2021, the perpetrator was served a notice of suspicion of trespassing against territorial integrity.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Department of Cyber Security and the SSU Main Investigative Department under the supervision of the Prosecutor`s General Office.